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About Three Bears…

Three Bears Coffee Company is built on quality coffees cultivated by conscientious growers. From the very beginning, the goal has been to provide exposure and commerce to coffee producers with unique offerings that are passionate about what they do. The growers and business partners I choose to work with share my devotion to a job well done, a strong sense of equity and camaraderie, and a concern for longevity and sustainability. We’re all in this together!

Coffee beans are the basis for the whole industry, and so the roasting operation is the primary function of Three Bears Coffee Company. The simple pleasures of grinding, brewing, and enjoying a cup of coffee are what sparked my interest many years ago, and these are still the motivations for me today. There are lots of different approaches to those simple pleasures but they are all essentially tied to the coffee itself, and each coffee has its own unique characteristics based on origin, variety, and processing techniques. Those different aspects are what I like to put in focus and they are the distinctions that interest me most in the wide world of coffee.

I’ve sourced coffees to roast by searching for particular agricultural and processing methods, as well as by seeking out business structures that operate effectively and for the mutual benefit of the people involved. I have also sought to build long term relationships and I’ve offered beans from most of the producers for five years or more. There are coffees available from the main growing regions of the world, from cooperatives and small farms that are pursuing quality work.

Thanks for looking at what Three Bears Coffee Company is all about. Enjoy!

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